Tuesday, January 3, 2012

being the same thing to multiple people

She moved her hair behind her ears and laughed, so calculated it seemed, I rolled my eyes and continued to quietly analyze her actions. Spellbound, her grace was unparalleled, her natural beauty encompassed every aspect of her being, everything she did was effortless, she drew people into her with nothing but a wave of the hand or a curl of the lips, I cringed at her delicate demeanor, I wanted her just as much as the next guy, and she knew this. I doubted that there was much that she didn't know. Oh, the satisfaction you felt when she would laugh at one of your jokes, you wanted to keep her laughing forever, yet feeding this futile task would do nothing but eat away at your soul. You wanted to grip her thick, long hair in your fist, you wanted to hear about her magic directly from her perfectly full lips, you needed her to divulge her secrets and you couldn't be content otherwise. How did she do it? Where did this attraction stem from? She controlled every being within a twenty foot radius. She was good at pretending like this attraction didn't exist though, and this somehow made her all the more desirable.

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