Saturday, December 29, 2012

too many brothers for two little fishes

"who the fuck is carla?"

everybody was asking this question

it turns out she was a part timer that nobody saw too much. everybody knew her but they knew her as "karla with a K" but when the fliers were printed her name was spelled "CARLA" so ther was this initial reluctance from everybody to donate anything

strangers die everyday after all

when everybody finally realized who it was there was a great outpouring of support



the donations started stacking up

then i see this kid with a confused look on his face and i ask him

"what are you trippin on dude? you look all distracted"

it took him a second before he realized i was talking to him

"oh im sorry. were you talking to me?"

"yeah. whats up with you? you allright?"

he sighed and slouched his shoulders

"i went to ask management for a room number and adress of the hospital karla was staying so i could send my pastor over there to give here a blessing but they said it might not be a good idea"

"arent you mormon?" i asked


i laughed in his face "BAH!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!!!..... oh my god you are such a dipshit!"

he got mad and looked even more confused, "why am i a dipshit?"

"because shes catholic fool. like hardcore catholic. like mexican catholic. and i dont mean shes gotta spanish last name mexican catholic i mean that chick is straight outa michoacan mexican citizen catholic. thats some deep, DEEP ass shit right there son"

"well what difference does it make?" he shot back

"are you fuckin serious? you know how hardcore those motherfuckers are? its almost fuckin voodoo the shit they practice. if you send your dipshit pastor in there to bless her into white boy heaven her family would have a heart attack. they would have every mexican priest from here to tiajuana storming the hospital with machetes trying to save that girls soul................. so no..... dont do it."

"i still dont see what the big fuckin deal is" he said, "i just wanna do something for her."

i could see in his vacant white trash eyes that he was sincere. not only that he didnt get it but that he was honestly trying to make some kind of meaningfull gesture for this girl. i realized then that he was actually right. ther really was nothing wrong with what he was trying to do and it was every body else who was full of shit and didnt get it

everybody was throwing money into raffle tickets for a flat screen tv or buying $5 'get em while you can' twinkies or $5 nachos or $5 rootbeer floats or $5 chilli dogs or $5 anything anybody could buy in bulk and sell for cash donations. so everybody was feeling really good about themselves for doing this even though the money raised would barely cover a fraction of the cost of one chemotherapy session
good times

yet the one person who had the idea of bringing a represntitive to express his entire churches energy and emotions and support for this girls trials was frowned upon and shunned for what amounts to nothing more than pollitics. so i couldnt bring myself to further break down to this kid the idiotic pollitical spectrum that makes us believe that one mortals fleeting idea of the spirit world actually makes another mortals fleeting idea of the spirit world false

i had to stop clowning this fool and be a diplomat

"check it out dude....this chick just got engaged n'shit. she was tottaly about to live happily ever after but now she has blood cancer. the last thing she needs right now is some cracker ass priest walking into her hospital room and blessing the nails in her coffin. that would just scare the shit out of her more than she already is. she needs to be with her dude right now. she needs to be with her family right now. i really dont think shes ready for all that other shit."

he looked at the ground nodding his head, "yeah i can see that now. i see what your saying. its probably not a good idea."

"no actually its a very beautyfull idea ...... its just not the right time."