Thursday, June 20, 2013

north indio pt 2

i rolled back into town
i made it
i always make it back
i belong to my apple tray
it was late and the windows were down
it was a good warm
so i decided to drive around the neighborhood a bit before i went to bed
ponder everything that had been said moments ago

vulgarity isnt tangible as a venacular
its merely a description of a persons specific intent
to lose sight of true context
and find vulgarity in tangible venacular
seems to me a personal crusade
and altogether arbitrary

now pay attention

  i had already branded him a fool beacause of the early stages of his dementia so his insults meant nothing to me. i simply refuse to be offended by a stupid person. and i can see in his eyes that it frustrates him that im not insulted.
  he often rants trivial factoids that he keeps stuffed inside that magick bag he calls his mind. so as to impress you with his salient intelegence. again i can see in his eyes how frustrated he is that im not impressed. because of his dementia he forgets that im on to his jive ass he gets make sure i understand just how impressed i have the privilege to be.
  i find this amuseing in a sadistic way. if not just a self rightious way. like fucking with sasquatch but replace sasquatch with early senility.

usually it all starts with him shouting


then me with the obligatory burn

"yeah i know what my problem is!! trifl'n ass motherfuckers!! MUTHAFUCKAH!!!!"

then he loses it like some sea ferring bovine destroying your kitchen


we fight

but hes the only one that i know that truely has my back

"what the fuck did you just say?! that motherfucker did WHAT?"

so i told him what happened........

"did you just try to ruphy me? you fuckin faggot!! BAH!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!"

he did

i thought it was a joke but the more i drank my beer. the more i could taste it. eventually i dumped the beer out.

"thats fuckin creepy. your fuckin creepy" i said to him.

he rolled his eyes

"oh relax already jeremy. your not gonna remember anything anyway."

i smiled and slowly chuckled my self into a laugh

"i dont think you understand the devil. my tollereance level is satanic. im not gonna go to sleep and i am actually gonna remember everything. your fucked. you micky'd the wrong guy the fuckin devil."


my first time wakeing up in this bedroom was a very quiet sound. i put up some orange shear panels with the curtains that were already there wich set the room off in a light redish glow. i wanted her to see this. she wanted to come over. i wanted her to come over even though i knew i must never see her again. not because i reject her but because she belongs to somebody else.

i looked into the backyard thinkin to myself " this seems like a very peacefull place."


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

in country north indio

some times your pussy smells like fresh laundry
depending on how long ago you washed the clothes you put on
before i started eating it
sometimes your pussy tastes like strawberrys
because we ate ice cream
while watching a movie
because we were so bored
sometimes your pussy smells like my bad mourning breath
sometimes it just tastes like your piss
sometimes i cant stand cuddling
im a boy
boys dont cuddle
we simply hold
and wish that we could be held back
that doesnt make us stupid
that just makes us simple

Sunday, February 10, 2013

the 9th

i know its the 10th
im late
but isnt he such a beatyfull boy..?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

too many brothers for two little fishes

"who the fuck is carla?"

everybody was asking this question

it turns out she was a part timer that nobody saw too much. everybody knew her but they knew her as "karla with a K" but when the fliers were printed her name was spelled "CARLA" so ther was this initial reluctance from everybody to donate anything

strangers die everyday after all

when everybody finally realized who it was there was a great outpouring of support



the donations started stacking up

then i see this kid with a confused look on his face and i ask him

"what are you trippin on dude? you look all distracted"

it took him a second before he realized i was talking to him

"oh im sorry. were you talking to me?"

"yeah. whats up with you? you allright?"

he sighed and slouched his shoulders

"i went to ask management for a room number and adress of the hospital karla was staying so i could send my pastor over there to give here a blessing but they said it might not be a good idea"

"arent you mormon?" i asked


i laughed in his face "BAH!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!!!..... oh my god you are such a dipshit!"

he got mad and looked even more confused, "why am i a dipshit?"

"because shes catholic fool. like hardcore catholic. like mexican catholic. and i dont mean shes gotta spanish last name mexican catholic i mean that chick is straight outa michoacan mexican citizen catholic. thats some deep, DEEP ass shit right there son"

"well what difference does it make?" he shot back

"are you fuckin serious? you know how hardcore those motherfuckers are? its almost fuckin voodoo the shit they practice. if you send your dipshit pastor in there to bless her into white boy heaven her family would have a heart attack. they would have every mexican priest from here to tiajuana storming the hospital with machetes trying to save that girls soul................. so no..... dont do it."

"i still dont see what the big fuckin deal is" he said, "i just wanna do something for her."

i could see in his vacant white trash eyes that he was sincere. not only that he didnt get it but that he was honestly trying to make some kind of meaningfull gesture for this girl. i realized then that he was actually right. ther really was nothing wrong with what he was trying to do and it was every body else who was full of shit and didnt get it

everybody was throwing money into raffle tickets for a flat screen tv or buying $5 'get em while you can' twinkies or $5 nachos or $5 rootbeer floats or $5 chilli dogs or $5 anything anybody could buy in bulk and sell for cash donations. so everybody was feeling really good about themselves for doing this even though the money raised would barely cover a fraction of the cost of one chemotherapy session
good times

yet the one person who had the idea of bringing a represntitive to express his entire churches energy and emotions and support for this girls trials was frowned upon and shunned for what amounts to nothing more than pollitics. so i couldnt bring myself to further break down to this kid the idiotic pollitical spectrum that makes us believe that one mortals fleeting idea of the spirit world actually makes another mortals fleeting idea of the spirit world false

i had to stop clowning this fool and be a diplomat

"check it out dude....this chick just got engaged n'shit. she was tottaly about to live happily ever after but now she has blood cancer. the last thing she needs right now is some cracker ass priest walking into her hospital room and blessing the nails in her coffin. that would just scare the shit out of her more than she already is. she needs to be with her dude right now. she needs to be with her family right now. i really dont think shes ready for all that other shit."

he looked at the ground nodding his head, "yeah i can see that now. i see what your saying. its probably not a good idea."

"no actually its a very beautyfull idea ...... its just not the right time."


Sunday, October 21, 2012


Why Mommy Why
Mommy Mom Mom Mom
Mom Mom Mom
Why Mom Why

Why bird why fly
Why blue why sky
Why school why house why desert
Why Dad
Why Mom Why.

Why baby why dirty why clothes
Why clean
Why bed why night why sleep
Why dream
Why Mom Why. 

Why yell why hit
Why quiet be quiet!
Why girls why boys
Why virgin why slut
Why God why Devil
Why apostle Paul why Jesus
Why pray
Why church why cry why shame
Why Mom why.

Why TV why music
Why Beatles why records
Why money why cars why job
Why friends why lovers
Why mom why.

Why smile why laugh
Why mouth why eyes
Why finger why hand
Why woman why man
Why husband why wife
Why breathing why life
Why old why young
Why die
Why here
Why move why stay
Why you
Why Mom Why.


Small Town Sluts

--> Slept with the same men
Loiter the same bars
On black nights with shooting stars
As we make love to them,
 In the back of their cars.
Go back inside,
Watch the same shitty band
We’ve seen twenty times.

I laugh because I’m better than you
I cry because I’m not.

To so many friends we’ve said good-bye
As salty daggers gash my eyes
-Fast as I can I turn my face,
I can’t let you see me cry
I’m so jealous of your escape.

Dare I speak aloud,
The intent of my heart?
This valley holds us together
As our lives fall apart.

Are you a friend, my sister?
Or just a whore?
The devil, a goddess
Enchanting, abhorred
Repulsive, yet adored.

You see-

There’s no glass I can empty
Or pills I can take
To sit across from you
Face to face-
No soberness can stifle my pride,
Open my throat or loosen my tongue

Crouching behind the written page
Cleverly hidden,
In the spotlight on stage
A pathetic gesture that permits me to say:
I love you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Sometimes You Get On The Bus And It's Crowded, Sometimes It's Not." by Rodney Knight

 by Rodney Knight
page 1
Sometimes you get on the bus and it's crowded, sometimes it's not. sometimes you sit and the bus fills up around you until every seat is taken except for yours. Then you wonder, why doesn't anyone want to sit with you. Maybe your looks are a threat. They look at you and your face says "stay away." The bus is full and all you hear is the engine. The bus stops, a lot of people get out. Hotel district, people going to work. Maids, cooks, busboys, etc. The stop requested bell rings, a person gets off. The bell rings again, a person gets off. The back door slams as he gets out. Gas station man. The sound of the engine again. A man falling asleep, his gun falling out of his coat wakes him up. He looks down, sees the gun, and quickly hides it. Bad boy, bad boy, what are you going to do when they come for you. The bus driver is ahead of schedule so we have to wait. We are by the mall and you can see the mountains. A man asks me for change. He sits in front of me trying his best to talk to a lady he just met. He smiles a lot.

page 2
The bus driver is a short Mexican man who looks like he drank too much coffee or needs a beer. I don't care as long as he stays on the road. There was a bus crash a few years ago, a bus was coming down from the tram parking lot to 111 when the brakes went out, the bus plunged over a cliff killing almost all people aboard. The girl is starting to get irritated by the smiley man. Smiley Man gets the hint and moves to another seat. It's not enough for the girl, she gets off the bus. Now it's my turn. I pull the rope, the bus comes to a stop and I get out. There is another bus going to another destination. I get on that bus which will take me to where I want to go. The driver is a big black lady who gulps from a small cooler, shades over her eyes. This bus is half empty, or half full, depending on how you see it. The bus moves and we are off and here comes Seabiscuit. The CB radio blares something that I cannot understand. The sun shines in my eyes as we make the turn, a turn to the left and no more sun. It's hot outside but very cool on the bus. The bus stops, somebody gets off. My stop is coming up and I pull the chain. The bus stops and I get off.

page 3
I am standing in front of the post office. It is hot and I walk up the ramp, easily accessible. Through the doors and to my P.O. Box. What is that number now, oh yeah. One letter and thirty thousand advertisements. I take the letter and throw away the rest. What the hell, since I'm throwing away things I might as well clean my carry bag. I take out what I want to keep and turn the bag upside down over the trash can. The bag has sunflower seeds falling out. Half the seeds end up on the floor. Oh well, I kind of kick them around and start to walk out when I notice the janitor staring at me. If a look could kill I'd be dead. One foot after another and I was gone. Never to be seen again. Half of my trip was over. I stood waiting, waiting for a bus. Fifteen minutes and counting. One lonely man waiting, waiting for a bus. Two guys walk up, I think about having conversation. I notice that they are gay. End of conversation. Another man walks up. He is shy and stands by the bushes with his head looking down. The bus pulls up.

page 4
I walk up and pay the box, the driver hands me a transfer. His name is Scotty. Beam me up, Scotty! One time I paid the box and noticed I was on the wrong bus. I asked the driver if I could have my dollar back. He laughed. You see, the box takes money, it never gives. How full is the bus? Only six people and three of them have headphones. That's the thing to have when you ride the bus. I just remembered who Smiley Man is. I knew I had seen him before. He was many days ago on the bus with his lady. His lady was wearing his ring. While the cat's away! The bus pulls over and a man gets on. "Oh, do a day!" Well, Scotty has beamed me to Cathedral City and I get off the bus. I have to cross the street to get to the next bus stop. I wait for the light. A big red hand is telling me not to go. Rip Van Winkle wakes up to a green man on a sign who looks like he's walking. I cross the street. At the bus stop the scheduled time is not now. Forty minutes and counting. Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a Circle K over yonder? I take the walk, it is hot. The thoughts of ice cream dance through my head. Inside the store I look at the ice cream. Nutty buddy looks good. At the counter I find out that the cost of ice cream has gone up.

page 5
It's like gasoline. The price rises and falls, bus mostly rises. The ice cream is good and makes my walk enjoyable. Joy to the world, ice cream is here. Have you ever noticed that the last part of a Nutty Buddy always melts in your hand? Then you're looking for a napkin but you get distracted by someone wanting change. You reach into your pocket, pull out the change, look at your pants and shake your head. At the bus stop three people are waiting. Two are smart and sit aways from the stop where there is shade. This beautiful black chick straddles the bus stop bench out in the sun with her hear held back, she defies common logic. It's as if she were at the beach trying to get a suntan. Not in Cat City, enduring the 115 degree heat. I sit in the shade and wait. I don't have to wait long. The bus is here. I wait in line, walk up and give the driver my transfer. His name is Larry and there is a plaque above his head to prove it. He throws my transfer in the trash. I sit down towards the back of the bus. It's only 10:00, making good time today. The bus moves and we're off.

page 6
Fifteen people quiet and staring straight ahead. There in the zone. My zone is peaceful, only good thoughts. Green light, made it through one. Green light, made it through two. Green light, made it through three. It's coming up, it's still green, will we make it? Yes, and it's four. Red light, came to a complete stop. To roll through is to get a ticket. They call it a California stop. What cop would want to pull over a bus anyway? It's unheard of. One guy has decided to sit passed out in his seat. He's still in the zone, but with a different view. We stop at Palm Desert Mall. Most of the people get out, the zone is broken. The driver takes a break. he goes outside, sits down and talks on his cell phone. He has it squished to his ear as if it were priceless. The engine still runs at a fast idle. The door is open and the heat creeps in. I move to the back where it is cooler. A lady puts her bike on the bicycle rack that's attached to the front of the bus. She has a little girl with her. The little girl runs over and gives the bus driver a big hug. The driver's name is Robert.

page 7
Her mom talks to the driver and all three get on the bus. Mother and daughter don't pay the box and sit up front. The driver does what he does, he drives and we're off, but it's not a race. No other cars on the road right now. We make a turn and stop, a big black fat man gets on. He has ear phones and the number on his shirt says 5. He sits in the back, the very back. Nicely dressed lady in a wheelchair gets on. The driver helps her get settled in. Again we move, we are on the other side of the mall now, two people get on, a lady around forty with short hair, glasses, chewing gum and what looks like a college kid with a backpack. Next stop a man gets off. Again with the red light. Construction area up ahead, we have to stop. We creep and stop, creep and stop. We move faster and then faster and then red light. We wait, a lot of traffic now. The first in line to wait, the first in line to go, one way of looking at it. The bus stops, a man gets on, baseball cap, sunglasses, ponytail, white shirt, and a gull orange bottle of soda. The bus stops, a man gets off. The man has a brief case and it looks heavy. He gets out the back where I am sitting.

page 8
The lady in the wheelchair gets out, using the front. It's an electric chair and she does not have too much of a problem getting out. The bus moves on. Green light. The zone is back, peace to the world. If only we could. We are in Indian Wells going by the Marriot. All eyes straight ahead. How long will the zone last? It's over, a man in the front is going through his pack, a lady picks her nose. In La Quinta I see the Cliffhouse and the waterfall across the street. We stop at the shopping center. The man with the pack gets out and then a lady. We move on, the next stop Orange Soda Man gets off through the back. There are only five of us now. Lady and child change seats so they can talk better to the driver. She waves her arms as she talks. Red light, fourth in line, fourth to stop, and forth to go. The auto center, summer sales event. Villa Montego, low 100,000's. Open desert, both sides. Gas stations, both sides. Green light and we come to a stop. Mexican lady and two kids get on. A boy and a girl, ages seven to ten. Lady with the child talks to the Mexican lady. We stop. An older lady gets on, dressed nice. Earrings, blond hair, diamond ring. She sits down and looks around a lot. We stop. Two ladies and two little girls get on. My stop coming up, must sign off.