Friday, July 6, 2012

in country (indio pt. 41/2)

i have one memory as my first

i dont know if it was a memory of my first memory

or the memory of my first dream

but it is the very first thing i remember remembering

i shit a kaka ball outa the side of my diaper onto the floor

when i looked up i was in mecca vinyards

  mecca vinyards was topagraphicly at the crux of what put indio on the map in the first place. where manifest destinys celestial crossings of the rail roads and the interstate poured its splender down the gullet of hwy 111 for the prosper of the intire desert empire. where indio first got the clap all over the motherfuckin boulevard.
  it was heroine back in the day. then it turned into meth. what ever came in with the truckers who came in to pick up the shit that came in from the trains. the trains brought in the wetbacks who would go to the boulevard to get some of whatever dope the truckers gave to the hookers they were boneing with the money they made from their new wetback jobs.
  the crux of the mojados the truckers and the pimps.
  historicly this distribution center has always been controlled by the local police. back in the day the old burns hotell was the hub of this activity wich made it easy for the cops to keep tabs on their investments. or at least who was comeing in or going out with their investments. but since that joint burned down the hive has dispursed into much smaller operations along the "junkie coast" of indio. that small stretch of land between valencia street and indio boulevard wich is zoned for rental apartments and hotels.
  the hair net turned into a shaved head.
  and the suppliers turned from bikers to cartells.
  and its all still here because the cartells let the cops have their share.

  i dropped her off.

  not in front of her place but down the street because she let me drive a few houses further before she told me to stop. she looked like complete shit.....and my gut tells me thats the last time i will ever see her alive.

  "so you just dropped her off ? like you just dumped her off in that shit?" my buddy asked me.

i looked back at him for a split second and then looked away.

  "shes already dead".