Thursday, June 20, 2013

north indio pt 2

i rolled back into town
i made it
i always make it back
i belong to my apple tray
it was late and the windows were down
it was a good warm
so i decided to drive around the neighborhood a bit before i went to bed
ponder everything that had been said moments ago

vulgarity isnt tangible as a venacular
its merely a description of a persons specific intent
to lose sight of true context
and find vulgarity in tangible venacular
seems to me a personal crusade
and altogether arbitrary

now pay attention

  i had already branded him a fool beacause of the early stages of his dementia so his insults meant nothing to me. i simply refuse to be offended by a stupid person. and i can see in his eyes that it frustrates him that im not insulted.
  he often rants trivial factoids that he keeps stuffed inside that magick bag he calls his mind. so as to impress you with his salient intelegence. again i can see in his eyes how frustrated he is that im not impressed. because of his dementia he forgets that im on to his jive ass he gets make sure i understand just how impressed i have the privilege to be.
  i find this amuseing in a sadistic way. if not just a self rightious way. like fucking with sasquatch but replace sasquatch with early senility.

usually it all starts with him shouting


then me with the obligatory burn

"yeah i know what my problem is!! trifl'n ass motherfuckers!! MUTHAFUCKAH!!!!"

then he loses it like some sea ferring bovine destroying your kitchen


we fight

but hes the only one that i know that truely has my back

"what the fuck did you just say?! that motherfucker did WHAT?"

so i told him what happened........

"did you just try to ruphy me? you fuckin faggot!! BAH!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!"

he did

i thought it was a joke but the more i drank my beer. the more i could taste it. eventually i dumped the beer out.

"thats fuckin creepy. your fuckin creepy" i said to him.

he rolled his eyes

"oh relax already jeremy. your not gonna remember anything anyway."

i smiled and slowly chuckled my self into a laugh

"i dont think you understand the devil. my tollereance level is satanic. im not gonna go to sleep and i am actually gonna remember everything. your fucked. you micky'd the wrong guy the fuckin devil."


my first time wakeing up in this bedroom was a very quiet sound. i put up some orange shear panels with the curtains that were already there wich set the room off in a light redish glow. i wanted her to see this. she wanted to come over. i wanted her to come over even though i knew i must never see her again. not because i reject her but because she belongs to somebody else.

i looked into the backyard thinkin to myself " this seems like a very peacefull place."


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

in country north indio

some times your pussy smells like fresh laundry
depending on how long ago you washed the clothes you put on
before i started eating it
sometimes your pussy tastes like strawberrys
because we ate ice cream
while watching a movie
because we were so bored
sometimes your pussy smells like my bad mourning breath
sometimes it just tastes like your piss
sometimes i cant stand cuddling
im a boy
boys dont cuddle
we simply hold
and wish that we could be held back
that doesnt make us stupid
that just makes us simple