Sunday, October 21, 2012

Small Town Sluts

--> Slept with the same men
Loiter the same bars
On black nights with shooting stars
As we make love to them,
 In the back of their cars.
Go back inside,
Watch the same shitty band
We’ve seen twenty times.

I laugh because I’m better than you
I cry because I’m not.

To so many friends we’ve said good-bye
As salty daggers gash my eyes
-Fast as I can I turn my face,
I can’t let you see me cry
I’m so jealous of your escape.

Dare I speak aloud,
The intent of my heart?
This valley holds us together
As our lives fall apart.

Are you a friend, my sister?
Or just a whore?
The devil, a goddess
Enchanting, abhorred
Repulsive, yet adored.

You see-

There’s no glass I can empty
Or pills I can take
To sit across from you
Face to face-
No soberness can stifle my pride,
Open my throat or loosen my tongue

Crouching behind the written page
Cleverly hidden,
In the spotlight on stage
A pathetic gesture that permits me to say:
I love you.

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