Friday, December 30, 2011

Being Nocturnal, Unemployed, and Human in the Desert, in the summer…

Days and Nights bleed into one

And I see things as they really are.

Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Fast Food,

Our dark highway beacons-

Where dilated pupils roam.

Neon lights up the night:

“Quick, Run and Hide!

The Sun’s about to Rise!”

When it’s 100 degrees and counting outside.

The world’s burning up

And I’m burning out:

Out of money

Out of options

Out of patience

Out of time…

The Cycles of my bodily functions hold time together:

Eat. Drink.

Piss and Shit it out.

Menstruate Masturbate Sleep.

“Hooray! I found something to fill out my day!”

The Cycles of the moon and star showers plant my feet on the ground,

Holding time and space together.

Those Star Showers!

They ooze across the sky like a fucking flare gun

A chunk of Molten Rock burns brightly

Off screaming boldly into Hell

Into nowhere space


A magnificent death.

All so that I,

The gaping naked ape, loitering beside the parked car,

Could look up into the night abyss and say:

“Hey- I just saw a shooting star.”