Monday, December 19, 2011

I wasn’t anticipating your presence
To have any level of permanence
Proper guess,
walkin away leaving not a remnant, no trace, headed out to a new place or face, whatever the case

I never did believe in those fake fairytales
Hindsight revealing just a series of epic fails

The heart reaches for that something you’d like to keep
Your brain goes into action, never missing a beat
Slides tentacles of doubt around your flustered heart
But you knew it anyway, screwed from the start

but you talk and you confide
and it’s all a waste of time
the futile connection you perpetuate
cause you’re alone and you just can’t wait

Wake up! Recognize that that’ll never pan out
Step down, pull your head outta the clouds

Your head left a void in the clouds and the sun comes out
  • oh man, you thought you had it all figured out

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