Tuesday, December 13, 2011

l'aime de sucre

you buy candy bars. you like the look and feel of the wrapper, you like how
it sounds as you tear it open. you like the smell of the chocolate. you enjoy it
slightly melted, you dont wanna have to do too much of the chewing. you like to
lick the bar, tease yourself with a taste of but the outer layer, relishing its carmel/
nugget/cookie insides, choose your poison. but you dont finish the bar. you never
finish it. sometimes not even half of it. maybe youre afraid of the 20-something
pudge we are all capable of experiencing. maybe youre diabetic. maybe the
dentist has successfully threatened you. i don-fuckin know.
it follows though, with my millionth drawn out metaphor, that not only am i a
diabetic, i could give a shit less what my dentist has to say. im payin his bills. if
anything id expect he should be lying to me, get a few more visits, a few more
co-payments outta my pocket. but my sweet tooth is never satiated, so im
constantly aware of all the newest snacks out there, no matter what happens to
my teeth.
everyones got their own problems. no denyin that. and no one problem is
necessarily more or less demanding or challenging than another. it just seems
like the world is so focused on keepin in shape. my concern is keepin full.

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