Friday, December 30, 2011

Somewhere between love and loss.

Everything was beautiful until it wasn’t.

You said you loved me

I said it too-

My love, my love-

How can we,

Two lovers be,

So fucking stupid?

Two human souls

Two enlightened Dodos

Who just can’t

Get their shit together.

Making things just

Hard enough to bear:

Stretching out

The breaking point-

We should be Blacksmiths.

Now the metal has cooled

Heart stopping blood-flow

to the genitals.

Eyes left to wanderlust

Thoughts drift onto angry storms.

My dear one,

Can’t you see?

It’s so much easier for me-

to rage than to love.

The demon you feed

Is the demon that conquers.

But when hope is

starving to death,

She eats her young.

Did we ever really have a chance?

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