Friday, January 13, 2012

look what god made me do

i dont know if it was the feministas
that got beaten up by chicks when they were young
and now blame it on barbie
or that anorexic chick
that used to jog down sunrise at 4:30 in the morning
when it was still dark
so noboby could judge
her horrific body
or the video game industry
looking to deflect the blame
or mabey it was the vegans
and their placebo spirituality
or oprahs foul vomit breath
champoining all those that belived in inner beauty
only because their inner vanity
was discusted by the image in the mirror
or mabey it was just white guilt all together
but if i had to guess
at what actually that killed the hostess twinkie
i would say it was you
just like the time you blamed your rotten lungs on joe cammel
because a cartoon pack animal
with a face like a scrotum
makes you want to put something in your mouth
and smoke it
how could they have let all that cancer
that comes from smokeing
that they have been warning you about
for the past 50 years
happen to you

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