Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review: The Fine Art of Design presents a Valentines day Concert

This is a concert review I wrote about an event held on the 14th of February 2012 at The Fine Art of Design.

Upon my entrance into The Fine Art of Design I feel as though I am walking onto the set of a classic movie. Everyone is dressed in their finest dresses and furs. The men are polished to perfection. Hair tucked behind their ears, oiled and not a strand out of place. Red lips and high-heeled shoes, shimmering nails and wide smiles. It is Valentines Day and everyone's got a babe on their arm, and those who don't are still hopeful and content. The drinks are endlessly a-flowing, grapefruit juice and tequila, champagne that sparkles. I grab the latter and laugh at a joke overheard from across the room.

The first performance I have the pleasure of witnessing is the guitar playing of K.C. Bozanich. His sound is full, his voice is soft, haunting, and reminiscent of memories far gone and past, both sad and joyful, he howls at us and we howl back. The set ends, a roar of laughter sets the small vintage store ablaze, people move about, weaving in and out and around one another, new drinks and new friends, cigarette breaks and compliments, photographs and iphones, hey, what's your number? We should hang out sometime. One person to another, coy smiles and complimentary strawberries. They've never tasted so sweet.

A beautiful woman wearing a bow tie takes the stage and with ukulele in hand demands the smitten crowd's attention. Jessalea Fleischman everyone. Her smile nearly brings us all to tears. Nervously having someone else announce her presence, she won't make eye contact with any of us. She plays, her voice is endearing, deep and true, feminine and soft, luxurious even. Her set is short, she plays covers and friends admire past loves, songs that still hold true. We sigh in unison, we laugh at cliche love songs, and our hearts break because we are reminded...

The stage is one giant television screen, love films reflected on the young faces of the aspirational performers. A new project now has their debut performance, Dani and the Scarlet Fevers, four youthful men led by the enthusiastic musical ringleader Dani Meza. The attendees are refreshed, jubilant, alive, and yes, some drunken, but that's OK, it's a celebration of love. Women shake their hips and men tap their toes, seeing a good friend dance, I smile in their direction. I take a long sip of my drink, abandon it, and focus on the soul.

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