Thursday, March 1, 2012

in country vol. 3 (indio) pt.1

  it seemed eminent domain scored big for the city of indio when they chased all those spics and mayates off of john nobles street.

  we learned over time through our dealings with the indians that you couldnt just take land from people. even if you had more guns than they did. they would still fight and some of yours would die too. and even after you chased them off and counted your dead..... they would be back to kill more. thats the kind of blood on your hands that would last generations. the simple takeing of land just wasnt as feasable as it was in the late 1400's. we learned that its gotta be clean. its gotta be legit. your gonna have to swindle them. trick them into signing shit. tie them up in courts they dont understand....... otherwise your gonna have to eradicate them.

  even then....

  history shows that eradicateing an entire people is kind of a bitch and seriously frowned upon.

  unless your mosses.

  but eminent domain got rid of all of that shit. it made the siezure of land nice and legal.

  indio had become the largest city in the desert in terms of population yet somehow it sucked ass at generating tax revenue. the city was seeing all its residents hop in thier cars and go to work in other towns and drop all their tax dollars into those citys coffers by shopping in their malls and eating in their restaurants and couldnt figure out a way to stop this trend from reversing. this city just couldnt shake the memory of that old fashion mall. it remembers fondly how beautyfull she was and how so many others coveted her. theres a pain in indios heart every time he sees her now. constantly telling her how beatyfull she was.

  "put on that old dress" he tells her

  "stop it. your makeing me blush" she demures

  "put it on" he hands it to her

  and as she dances for him a tear wells up in his eye because he sees how fucked up she looks now. how aged and let go she has become. what once was a beauty queen now just looks like a drag qeen in a tiara.

  "you were a queen baby. a queen"

  "i was wasnt i"

  "my queen"

  indio could never move on from that old time. it would look at other citys new malls and its guts would wrench knowing that now it was the one who coveted. it was because of this that they decided to use eminent domain to level all the houses around the mall and make her the most grandest jewel this chicken shit desert had ever seen.

  the use of eminent domain wasnt what shocked people. it has been used before all across the country to expand roads and improve upon a citys infrastructure to adjust to its growing populations needs. what was gauling was the fact that they werent siezing peopls land for roads but for private commercial enterprise. wich made this all a bad dream in the idea of what we call america. but greed can justify anything. especially if its the people that make and enforce the laws that are greedy.

  you see.... eminent domain goes back to the magna carta.

  english merchants and land owners had seen free markets in other lands thrive only to come home and have the king tax the fuck out of every one and leave nothing for the peasants and workers who toiled for all the goods that were being traded.

  "why should the king get to exploit all the people living on my land. its my land. i own it. i should get to exploit these motherfuckers"

  and thus the birth of freedome.

  eminent domain was writen into the magna carta as a way of compensateing people for land that was siezed in order to build roads in order to expand trade in order to generate tax revenue in order to support the state.
what happened in indio was a complete perversion of this concept. the idea of makeing way for the market to expand had turned into becomeing the market itself and when it is the market that owns the land there really is nothing to protect anybody from its greed.


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