Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Holes

I can’t even read my own writing at times-

Evidence of black holes in my mind

Subtle enough to question-

If they’re even there at all…

I remember everything being so huge

Life-sized skyscraper jungle-gyms

Being at the bottom of the pool

And looking up at rainbows.

I remember adults being cruel

And kids making up rules

You had to follow-or else.

I remember half believing in magic

Saving baby teeth and lucky pennies

Going under bridges into abandoned houses

Running into witches and ghosts.

I remember my toys being my best friends

I loved them so much and they loved me back.

I remember thinking my mom wasn’t my real mom

I was a lost princess

I’d run away into the mountains

I’d pack away some crackers and cheese

And they’d all be waiting there for me.

I remember being outside in the rain

Jumping puddles that were lakes and oceans

Being alone, I was happy.

Holes in my mind

I can’t read my writing sometimes

I remember riding my bike early

When no one’s awake

They’re in the house and I’m on the street

I didn’t wait for them.

There are holes and spaces

Things that happened that didn’t really happen.

I walked on the ceiling

And rode in the passenger seat of a car that was driving itself.

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